Why Housing First?

Pioneered over 20 years ago, Housing First was the revolutionary approach to addressing chronic homelessness. At its inception the premise was simple: take those with severe psychiatric and addiction challenges from the streets and put them into homes of their own.  With support, these men and women, who had formerly cycled from jail, to treatment, to hospitals, and back to the streets, could recover their lives and reintegrate into our communities. 

As an evidence-based practice, Housing First has not only been proven to be successful in ending homelessness, but is also embraced as the most cost-effective solution. 

Today, the Housing First model is being implemented in hundreds of communities across the United States, Canada and Europe.  As the research, innovation, and implementations on the model evolve one thing remains constant: Housing First ends homelessness.

The Housing First Partners Conference was convened in 2012 by those to first initiate and then champion the movement, Pathways to Housing and DESC.  These leaders were joined by government officials, researchers, providers and thought leaders committed to furthering the Housing First model into the 21st century.




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