2014 Conference: Chicago

March 12th - Session 1 : 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Are we there yet - Ernst

Empowerment processes in recovery oriented social work - Ottengrim, Andersson

Evaluation of implementation of Canada's at Home/Chez Soi Housing - Nelson

Finding New Outreach - Knighton

From Grants to Policy Practice and Pilot Projects - Hunt, Wilson, Kelly

H Pact Integration into Housing First - Hein

Integrating Case Management Psychiatry and Housing - Rempel, Burnison, Buchanan

Kick Ass communities use Housing First - Kaufman

MSHDA Housing First Rose - Oles

Picking Up The Pieces - Gartin

Rapid Rehousing Evidence - Taylor, Gale

Rapid Rehousing Evidence - Gale

Using Housing First - Downie

March 12th - Session 2 : 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Adopting Housing First - Ewing

From Transitional Housing to Rapid Rehousing - Williams

Harm Reduction - West, VanVeen

Looking at the Canadian At Home/Chez Soi Housing First demonstration - Ly, Rabouin, Latimer

Realities of Collecting and Disseminating Outcome Data - Pieples

Providing Alternative Transitions to Housing - Zapata, Alma

Step Up - Criswell

Strategies for Eviction Prevention - Shinn, Brose

The Art of Entrepreneurship - Brown

Using a Coordinated Entry System to Rapidly Rehouse - DeRose

Vulnerable Puerto Rican Homeless HVA - Velez

Who Gets Into Housing First - Clayton, Fay

March 12th - Session 3 : 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Beyond the Assessment - Willis

Braiding Multiple EBPs - Olivet

Family Housing Solutions - Burden

Harm Reduction vs Harm Acceptance Final 

Housing First Implementation - Freeman, Hodges

It's Not Just The Services - Duke, Schmidt, Castaldo

Modifying Supported Employment for Better Outcomes - Vaz

Work First - Lauser

March 13th - Session 1 : 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Addressing Community Opposition Harms

Alaska Housing First - Tenant Voices

Alcohol Management - Fay, Herrera

Chicago Housing - West, VanVeen

Efforts to Reduce Apartment Replacement - O'Connor

Enhancing Peer Services Through Transformational Leadership - Freese

Family System - Resdesign - Kingery

Frequency and Nature of Interactions with Law Enforcement - Petrovich

Housing First Community Partnership - Bodie

HUDs New Section 811 PRA Demonstration Program - O'Hara

Participant Narratives from at Home - Macnaughton

Stretch a Dollar Money Management - Hawkins, Strong

Using Vouchers to Secure Housing First - Nash

March 13th - Session 2 : 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

At Home - Chez Soi Canadian Study Presentation - Nir

Bringing Housing First Principles to the Home Visits - Andrus, King

Cleaning House (Hoarding) - Poffenroth

Community Based Participartory Research Reduce Alcohol Related Harm - Clifasefi

Creating a Medical Home Through Housing First - Henwood

Evaluating a Housing First Approach in HUD - Vash, Hill

Fighting the Faith - Sikora

Identifying The Characteristics of Consumers Housing First Program - Aubry, Volk, Goering

Participatory Video - Buzzell

Public Private Partnership - Alvarez

Re-defining Success - Breaux

Risk Management in a Housing First Context - Jensen, Hobson

Testing Housing First in Europe - Busch, Gerrtsema

The Potential of Visual Research Methods - Smith, Padgett

Working at the Intersection - Housing First with DV Survivors - Billhardt, Olsen

March 13th - Session 3 : 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM

A Fine Line Assisting Frontline Staff - Graham

Client Death Presentation - Jen Eyford

Doorway - Formative Evaluation Report

Doorway An Australian Implementation of Housing First - Freidin

Ending Homelessness Not Just Managing It - Chambre

End of Life Care - Centrone

Getting Agency Buy-In - Grimberg

Getting Staff Buy-In for Program Development - Scriber, Bonner, Peightel

Harm Reduction Counseling - Collins

Housing First for Families - Codd, Buck

Integrating Peer - Dobbins, Massey

Profile of Permanent Supportive Housing Pilot Success - Chwabenlender

Promoting Positive Habits - McNamara

Systems Change for Homeless Families - Cole

THP + a Housing First - Morison

Understanding the Consumers choice - Montrose, Lee

March 14th - Session 1 : 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Aging Gracefully - An Anticipated Future in Housing First - O'Dwyer, Alexander

Columbus House Inc. - O'Hlsen

Community Alliances - Letzner

Consumer Education - Shuman

Creative and Practical - Carmichael

Housing First Conference 2014 - Consumer Empowerment - Giraud

Love It or Hate It - Knopp

The Role of Peer Supports in France - Estecahandy

Using Data - Thornquist, Koens, Michels

March 14th - Session 2 : 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Bridge Port Housing First - Mikklos

Building Collaborative Partnerships - Bellflower

Changing the World Slides - 2012 Complexity - Minkoff

Clients Doing It For Themeselves Handout - Mitchell

Forging New Housing - Primus

From Crisis Bed to Housing First - Kresky, Wolff

Housing First Trauma Informed Service - Harter, Hardy

Housing Choice - Post

Housing First For Family - Rog, Worley

Marx and Not Freud - Rhenter, Girard

Strengthening the Social Integration of Housing First Participants - Wewerinke, Wolf

Trauma Informed Housing First - Harter, Hardy