2012 Conference: New Orleans

The first-ever national Housing First Partners Conference took place in New Orleans, Louisiana on March 21-23, 2012. It exceeded all expectations with 650 attendees, over 50 sessions, and keynote addresses by policy and thought leaders within the field.  All of these elements contributed to an impassioned dialogue about the many facets of Housing First policy and practice, furthering our collective mission of ending homelessness. Pathways to Housing and DESC thank all conference attendees and presenters for helping make this a truly memorable experience for everyone.


Sessions 2012: Session I

Alternatives to Hospitalization - Kresky-Wolff

 Becoming an Insider - Baumgarter, Williams

Canadian Demonstration Project  - Piat, Stergiopoulos, Aubry 

Design for Community - Starr

Home for Good - McGee

Housing First PA Campaign -  Kaufman

Housing First & Property Management -Booton Wilson

Intro to Housing First - Malone, King, Myers

Paths to Recovery - Hutzel, Pieples, Carr 

Supportive Housing Registry - North

The Unique Challenges of Housing First - Miller

The Uncola of Service Planning - Hedigan, Jennings, Rosenthal

Vulnerability Assessment for Resources - Boerger


Session II

Addressing Community Opposition to Housing First - Macri

Journey Towards Housing First - Wiegmann, Leppa

Overcoming Resistance & Meeting Opposition -  Allison

Shifting Policies Towards Housing First - Parvensky 

Thinking and Acting Systemically  - Stroh, McGah  

Session III

Alaska's Housing First Initiative - Burke

Housing First and Harm Reduction - Collins

Casas Primero - Ornelas

Comparing Case Management Models - Andrus

Creating Sustainable Housing - Brose, Shinn

Housing First in Finland - Kettunen

Managing Community Risk of Violence - Jensen, King

Partnering with Landlords - Baker, MacDonald

Purposeful Housing - Todman

Streets to Homes - Tanner

We Do it Too - Stull, Salyers

We're Doing it - Flaherty, Schwabenlender

Session IV

Home Health Initiatives - Henwood, Cabassa, Craig

Housing First for Active Drug Users - Wildkress

Housing First for Actively Substance Users - Morgenstern

Housing First, for the 10th Time - Poffenroth, Fortune

Housing First, Then What? - Neitzel, O'Connor

Observer-rated Housing Quality Scale - Distasio

Primary & Behavioral Care - Hopfenbeck

Prebble Street - McLaughlin, Bradley

Research Effectiveness - Hennings


Session V

A Hennepin County Collaboration - Klimenko, Koens, Thornquist

Chronically Homeless Families - Pendleton, Selfridge

Engaging Housing Authorities - Thiele

FISH - Wynne

Forging New Partnerships - Clifasefi, Collins, Larimer, Hobson, Malone

Housing First in a Rural State - Melton

Housing First, Not the House of Corrections - Quinn

Listening Session - Poppe

Skid Row Housing Trust - Parker

Supportive Housing - Miller

Systems Change: Legal Approaches, Civil Rights - Allen

Public Housing Authority - Prince

 Project 60 - Krisiloff, Wildy, Marx, DeRose

Veterans and Housing First - Recca-Ryan


Session VI

Advocacy - Press

Changing the World - Minkoff

Expansion of Permanent Supportive Housing - Finn

Employment Program Models - Donegan

Integrating Healthcare and Housing First - Peightel, Scriber

Maximizing Mainstream Resources - Ehlen, Semple

Multi-Family Groups - Dicus